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lady justice ♥

15 April
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20. Austrian-Korean. law student. liberal. complex. weird. unique. loves-to-shop. tv fanatic. artistic. honest. obsessed. writes complaint letters. more?

AC Milan. Manchester United. FC Barcelona. Inter Milan. Real Madrid. Chelsea

Rafael Nadal. Richard Gasquet.

fandoms; Chuck. Gossip Girl. How I met your Mother. Merlin. Heroes. True Blood. Skins. Psych. Grey's Anatomy. Greek. Scrubs. Harry Potter. Pride and Prejudice. Cougar Town. The Big Bang Theory. Off The Map. The Good Wife. Pretty Little Liars. Modern Family. Community. Glee. The Defenders. Hellcats. Psych. The Vampire Diaries. The Big C. Covert Affairs.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Pride and Prejudice. James Bond: Casino Royale. Harry Potter's. Twilight. Slumdog Millionaire. Forrest Gump. Wimbledon.

Yann Tiersen. Muse. Faith No More. John Mayer. The Smiths. more?

Pride and Prejudice. Harry Potter's. Khalid Hosseini. Paulo Coelho. The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

candymuse losertunes

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ac milan, alessandro nesta, andrea pirlo, andriy shevchenko, anne hathaway, arctic monkeys, art, blair and chuck: the-evil-couple, blair waldorf, casino royale, cesc fabregas, chuck, coffeeshop, coldplay, community, cougar town, covert affairs, curva sud, dashboard confessional, desperate housewives, dollhouse, el canto del loco, england, eyes-smile-dark hair-hands, fall out boy, football, france, franz ferdinand, frappuccino, gaspard ulliel, gennaro gattuso, glee, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hellcats, hellogoodbye, heroes, home-is-where-my-heart-is ♥, i-love-christian maldini, il divo, italy, james bond, james morrison, jane austen, jose mourinho, kaka, kaka/sheva, kate walsh, keane, keira knightley, leighton meester, linkin park, london, manchester united, mika, milan per sempre, modern family, monk, movies, muse, off the map, old trafford, painting, panic! at the disco, paolo maldini, paolo nutini, patrick dempsey, paulo coelho is almighty, pirates of the carribean, pretty little liars, pride and prejudice, princess diaries, psych, quotes pwn my life, red devils, red hot chili peppers, robin van persie, rossoneri, ryan giggs, scrubs, sex and the city, shoeboxproject, shopping, smoking is uncool, snow patrol, soccer, starbucks, starbucks caramel frappuccino, taking back sunday, tall-dark-handsome-boys, tegan and sara, the big bang theory, the big c, the clash, the cure, the defenders, the good wife, the killers, the religion of maldini, the smiths, the twilight series, the vampire diaries, the-smile-of-doom, traveling, travis, trying out cocktails :p, u2, yoann gourcuff,